Face to Face - Katie

As a volunteer for The Zion Project for over three years now, I held a glimpse of the impact this organization was having on the kingdom of God. I got to see the conferences, the awareness events, the behind the scenes, and I knew that all of those things were very important. It is like a piece of art, when you look at it up close in the details, you see beautiful colors, designs, lines, but there is something missing; the big picture. For me, my experience has been like looking at a beautiful painting up close, and once I finally made it here to Guatemala, the big picture is beginning to take formation in my life. Everything I have seen and worked for up to this point is now alive all around me. I am breathing in kingdom purpose and experiencing the mighty hand of God moving here in Xela.

My first week as an intern can be explained in one word: whirlwind. I got off the plain in Guatemala City a week ago, feeling every emotion known to man. I was excited to finally be here, able to see face to face the lives of so many that I have carried in my heart for quite some time. I was nervous because I had just decided to move away from home for a while and venture out into what I believe is the call of God. I was a little anxious at all the unknown that stood before me. But I had to remind myself that what I did not yet know, what I did not yet understand or could not yet conceive in my mind, God already had planned, purposed, and set things according to His will.

Seeing the girls for the very first time was a moment I will never forget. For so long I have read about them, talked about them and prayed for them but never got to see them face to face. I walked into the building and everything made sense to me. This was what I was made for. To see lives set free and purpose put back into the lives of God's daughters. I saw them laughing, dancing, listening to the Word of God, but my favorite part was seeing them open their welcome bags and baby bags. Seeing the girls physically hold in their hands an outward sign of the love of God. This is why I love The Zion Project. It's purpose is to manifest the love of God and renew lives, to bring back identities that were stolen and restore kingdom identity.


This week I've got to see the day program twice and it is hard to explain in words the importance of the work that is being done here in Guatemala. The volunteers here are selfless and have servant hearts, the program is ran in excellence, and the girls are waiting vessels to be filled. I've still got so much to see, experience, and learn here in Guatemala, but if this first week is any indication of what is to come, I can wait with high expectation for the glory of God to continue to manifest in the lives of all those involved with The Zion Project. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to serve here in Guatemala! There is so much more to come!