Pure Joy

It is so good to be able to share with you all the wonderful things that God is doing through The Zion Project and the team here in Guatemala. This past Sunday, the team was once again, welcomed into the girl’s home to spend time in prayer, teaching God’s word and worship together. Pastor Aldo shared a thought provoking message with the girls about being careful of attitudes. After the message, the girls were given the opportunity to worship through dance and it is such a blessing to see them use the steps they have learned to glorify God. The feeling is pure joy to watch them express their love for dance and to see smiles on their faces when they beg to do it again. Especially when the team jumps in to dance with them.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support. There is no doubt that you are helping to make a big difference in many lives and to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the hearts of many beautiful girls here in Guatemala and around the world.