Testimony of Hope

Meet Sonia, the picture above is her making a Tallit this summer, she is 15 years old and attends our Day program in Guatemala. One afternoon she felt the need to express how she feels in her heart about Zion Project’s day program to one of our volunteers, here is what she said:

“This has really helped me to get to know the Lord, I would like to serve Him when I get out of this home. It has really helped me with my growth with Him. I want to feel more of His presence because I know that He doesn’t leave us alone. I want to get to know Him more and I want to know more of His presence. I know that their is more here, a deeper walk with Him. That is what I want for my life.

Thank you Pastor Deven because God has used you for all of these activities that you are bringing here to us and thank you so much. Someday soon we will see each other soon if God allows it. Thank you.”

Sonia has the understanding that God will never leave her and she has a hunger to grow in Him. This is what being the difference looks like. Thank you to our volunteers in Guatemala for their ability to love without limits and simply being His hands extended.

*Names have been altered to protect and maintain confidentiality