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The Zion Project is a ministry that was birthed in my heart in the summer of 2008. As a mother of four young children and the co-pastor of a rapidly growing church, as well as an itinerate speaker for revivals and ladies conferences, I understand the word ‘busy’. I was in the middle of a sabbatical after the birth of my last daughter, Judah, having reached a point in ministry when I was asking God, “Now what?” I knew transition in my life was inevitable, but I had no comprehension of what God had in store. In a deep time of intercession in my home office, the Lord began to speak to me what I believe to be a piece of His Heart for the kingdom. The instructions He gave me were not the invention or creativity of Deven Wallace, but a divinely inspired ministry. In the spirit, I gave birth to what I now affectionately call The Zion Project. It is now my mandate to fulfill the vision of this project based on the continued directing of the Holy Spirit.

In my communion with the Lord, He began to burden me for the upcoming generation of which my children are apart. The enemy is actively trying to steal and kill the seed of the Church, and I believe we recognize his evil schemes against our youth. However, the Lord revealed to me an uncovered plot. The enemy has been attacking the women of this generation to inhibit them from rising up and pouring into the next. I have experienced this in my own life. I saw women and mothers who were depressed, confused, frustrated, and searching for identity. I saw women sowing doubt, unbelief, and discouragement into their households, contaminating the spirits of their children. I saw women asleep in the Spirit, inactive in the kingdom. This inactivity has left a motherless generation without the example of what God is requiring of women in this hour. The time is short and the hour is at hand. Part of the move of the Spirit coming to the Church in this last day will be birthed in the spiritual wombs of women.

The Lord said that the wombs of the women were barren because of a lack of intimacy with Him. Our busy schedules and many hats keep us from our most productive position—prayer. It is for this reason The Zion Project will begin every year with a weekend of prayer and fasting. At these prayer summits, I believe the Lord will place significant kingdom ministry in the hearts of the women that will shake the Church as a whole. I also saw an attack on motherhood like never before. What better way to destroy this rising prophetic generation than to blind the young mothers from their significant kingdom position—to pour into and train Godly seed. Women can be successful mothers, wives, and ministers by the grace of God. A women’s identity does not have to be forfeited in motherhood. I am hosting a conference for mothers that will equip them, free them, and anoint them to be kingdom minded, thus exposing this subtle attack of the enemy.
Another mandate of this ministry is to pour into and mentor the rising generation of young women in the Kingdom. God is raising up an army of handmaidens to prophecy in this last day. Life changing encounters with God’s presence and practical, transparent mentoring will be provided at our Desire conference each year for young women between the ages of ages 18-30. The Daughter’s of Zion is a small ministry team from this group that will lead the creative arts ministry at our Zion Project conferences.

As a young pastor’s wife, I was quickly introduced to the underworld of church leadership. The Lord burdened me for the leadership that carries secret hurt and scars, with no safe place to find freedom. I believe the model for our ministers’ wives has to been altered so that they do not find themselves in a man- made prison with no understanding of their assignment and anointing in the kingdom. It is in response to this burden that I will host a retreat for minister’s wives and lady ministers to meet to their needs and allow the Holy Spirit to cloth them and empower them for God’s purposes, not man’s purposes in their lives. These conferences, I believe, will enable these ladies to better equip their own flock for Kingdom work and connect them with other Kingdom laborers.

The final and most prominent goal of The Zion Project is to provide awareness and funding through each conference to aid those on the front lines of the war against human trafficking. It is our mandate and passion to provide the support to those actively working to free human slaves. We long to see the captive set free. This completes what the Lord has revealed to me at this time for this ministry. I believe the specified conferences will be like a sniper gun instead of a shotgun to hit the target at which this ministry is purposed. Please be in prayer for The Zion Project and consider how you may want to participate or sow into this ministry.

In His Name,
Deven Wallace

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